How to Drive Safely in Bad Weather Conditions
October 16, 2017

How to Drive Safely in Bad Weather Conditions

A responsible driver should be a cautious driver, regardless of the weather conditions; however, weather conditions can have a big impact on how your vehicle will handle on the road and how it will respond to your commands. So, if the geographical region you call home experiences harsh rains, winds or snowy and icy conditions, you can utilize these driving tips.

Firmly Hold Your Steering Wheel

Maintaining control of your vehicle is imperative in all weather conditions but can become more challenging in dreadful weather. To keep control, ensure you have two hands on the steering wheel and avoid sudden movements.

Brace and Accelerate Lightly

When driving, especially in bad weather conditions, it’s important to be a vigilant driver. Being aware of what’s going on around you gives you the time to brake gently – opposed to slamming on the brakes. This prevents the car tires from getting locked and causing the vehicle to spin out.

Allow for Extra Space

As discussed above, braking and acceleration can become more dangerous in heavy rain, snow or icy conditions. Allowing for more space in between you and the vehicle in front of you helps create

Reduce Your Speed

Although roads have their speed limits, poor weather conditions can make it necessary to further reduce your speed to maintain control of the vehicle. A slower speed also gives you more time to react, should something unexpected take place on the road.

Inspect Your Vehicle Before a Trip

Inspecting your vehicle for any concerns is especially important before long trips. For example, having all your vehicle’s systems checked out at the beginning of winter, confirms your car is properly prepared to handle the harsher driving conditions.

Turn Into a Skid

Should you find your vehicle in a skid, it’s important to remain calm and turn in the direction the vehicle is skidding. This allows the car to correct itself and go straight.

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