Is Your Car In Need of Being Decluttered?
November 6, 2017

Is Your Car In Need of Being Decluttered?

For many of us, countless hours are spent in the car, commuting to and from work, going to social events or dropping kids off at school and extra-curricular activities. With so much time spent in our vehicles, it’s not surprising that they tend to get filled with personal belongings, pieces of garbage and food items.

Taking the time to declutter your vehicle can remove funky smells, surface stains, as well as dust and food particles that can lower the air quality. The following are tips for maximizing your vehicle space and keeping it clean!


This process revolves around deciding what needs to be in your vehicle and what can be removed. Try to divide belongings in your vehicle into the following three groups:

  • Trash
  • Items to keep in car
  • Items to store in your home or garage

Using these groups makes the cleaning process easier. For instance, empty plastic water bottles and coffee cups no longer have a place in your car and can be thrown out or recycled.

Storage Space

Once you’ve decided what needs to stay and what must go you can tackle the task of deciding where specific items belong. To do this, consider the various storage locations in your vehicle:

Glove Compartment

This storage space should be for essentials like:

  • Proof of insurance and registration
  • Vehicle owner’s manual
  • Pen and notepad (to record information in the event of an accident)

Back Seat

Depending on the amount of back seat space you have in your vehicle and how many passengers you normally have in your car, the backseat can make great potential storage space. For example, if the seats and floor of your car are littered with the toys of your children consider placing a box in the middle back seat and use this as a container for toys.


Your trunk is the largest storage space available to you! When organizing your vehicle, a trunk organizer is a great tool to help make your trunk space as efficiently as possible. It will help separate between essential items and empty space reserved for other cargo, such as groceries. Some essentials you should have in your trunk are a first aid kit and emergency kit.

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